About Our Fragrance and Beauty Products


Enliven Natural is founded on a simple principle of wanting to create and share natural, healthy beauty alternatives while focusing on being environmentally conscious.

Our fragrance and beauty products are meant to enliven your senses and enhance your natural beauty or handsomeness, all without harsh chemicals.

Every beauty product is handcrafted and while we have stock items, most are made to order for freshness. Not only do we sell the products but we'll share recipes and information where you can become knowledgeable and create your own natural products to use and enjoy.

Our Ingredients

We are committed to using USDA Certified Organic essential and carrier oils,butters, 100% pure natural fragrance oil, FDA approved micas and eco-friendly packaging or non-packaging

Our creations/products do not contain chemicals associated with perfumes, cosmetics or various skincare. Our oils are not diluted and we will use Vitamin E or known essential oils that preserves content.

We will continue to research and source the best of materials to use so that we can bring you, the consumer, a sustainable as well as eco-friendly product that enhances the natural, beautiful YOU!

Remember to recycle and re-use whenever possible: glass, plastic, paper and even tin containers can be recycled, reused or re-purposed to keep out of our landfills. 

Newest Edition

Our newest edition to our site is our new aluminum map cuff bracelets. We spent some time to develop these beautiful and unique wearables. Explorers, wandering souls and individuals who are "home town proud" are sure to enjoy for many years to come! Aluminum is considered hypoallergenic and these finished bracelets are scratch resistant, waterproof and quite durable.